F3.late – The Time Before I Turn

Two days late is still better than never. . THE TIME BEFORE I TURN

F3: MySpace: 1999

This week’s Friday flash is themed, as per the suggestion of Gareth D Jones: the theme is “altered film titles”. I’ve cheated slightly because Space: 1999 was never really a film, just a hokey old TV series. But according to Wikipedia, a few feature-length pieces were cut together, so I reckon I get away with […]

F3: Our Bright Horizon

Once again I’ve tried to produce something a bit different to what I normally write. I’m not sure if it succeeds – I think I hammered it out too quickly for that – but I quite like the style at points, if nothing else. If you have a read please let me know what you […]

F3: Releasing Moments

Here’s my flash fiction for the last Friday of June – I hope you enjoy it. I think it may be the first thing I’ve ever written in second person so I’ll be interested to hear if you think it works. I’ve just noticed that in exactly one month I’ll have been writing F3 for […]