F3: Funeral

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a piece of Friday flash fiction. I hope to post another entry later in the day explaining why. For the time being, here is another story that is technically too long to be flash, clocking in at 1,171 words. . FUNERAL

Week O’ Flash Retrospective

Over the past week I published four pieces of flash fiction. The intention was to catch up on all the weeks I’ve missed so far this year. I’m still one short so I’ll be playing catch-up again soon, but I’m pretty pleased that I managed to find the time to devise, write and post four […]

F3: Colours Move

I made it to Friday, and managed four pieces of flash fiction over the course of the week. Not quite five but it’s a decent showing. You’ll have to imagine me saying that sardonically and throwing pointed looks at some of my fellow flash slacktioneers. Today’s story is fairly lightweight, I’m afraid, as I’m a […]

Flash Fiction: Punk’s Not Dead

What was that about the author meeting his own deadlines? Yeah, I’m pretty much made of fail. Oh well. Here’s today’s flash fiction. This one’s about punk rock, which will no doubt impress my regular readers as it’s a subject which I so rarely touch upon. The soundtrack for this one is (Shut) Up the […]

Flash Fiction: Wanderlust

What’s this? Flash fiction on a Monday? This doesn’t seem right, not right at all. But perhaps it represents an act of contrition. Perhaps the author has been lax, of late, has failed to write or post any fiction to this blog for some time. Shall we say four weeks? I believe we shall. And […]

The F3 family grows…

…although thankfully not in the same manner as the Wilson household in Sumit Dam’s first F3-associated story, The Unbearable Beings of Lightness (written as part of the “altered film title” thememe). It’s been a while since anyone else joined in, and since some of the veteran participants have slackened off in recent months it’s good […]

F3: Total Campaign Dominance

Today I had something else planned, but my day turned out busier than expected and the week has generally been a bit fucked up. As a result I’ve quickly finished up something around an old idea; I like the concept but could have done more with it. Ah well. C’est la vie. . TOTAL CAMPAIGN […]

F3: Signs

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear meeee. Happy birthday to me. Now here’s  some Friday flash fiction, courtesy of the birthday boy/old man. . SIGNS In one direction, the road stretches out towards a dust-hazed horizon. From the other, a walker approaches. It’s a woman, evident from the contours of […]

F3: Carried Out to the Sea

Here’s this week’s Friday flash fiction: enjoy! I think it’s thematically a bit too similar to We’re Never Going Home! I’m a bit too caught up in the musical side of my life right now for much else to penetrate; so it goes. Oh, and my good friend Greg H may be joining the F3 […]

F3: Watching the Valves

Here’s this week’s Friday Flash Fiction, a short story set in the same loose post-apocalyptic world as Sun and Interdiction Zone. This piece was inspired by a particularly chilling chapter in Alan Weisman’s The World Without Us. It could probably use some more research, but I don’t have the time before that Friday Flash postin’ […]