F3: Breaking the Circle

Here’s this week’s F3, which is another music-based rather than genre story. I’m not happy with this one but I’m not going to have any time to rewrite it or write an alternative piece, and I’m determined to stick to publishing one story a week. Some of my thoughts in the comments – I wouldn’t […]

F3.late – The Time Before I Turn

Two days late is still better than never. . THE TIME BEFORE I TURN

F3: MySpace: 1999

This week’s Friday flash is themed, as per the suggestion of Gareth D Jones: the theme is “altered film titles”. I’ve cheated slightly because Space: 1999 was never really a film, just a hokey old TV series. But according to Wikipedia, a few feature-length pieces were cut together, so I reckon I get away with […]

F3: Total Campaign Dominance

Today I had something else planned, but my day turned out busier than expected and the week has generally been a bit fucked up. As a result I’ve quickly finished up something around an old idea; I like the concept but could have done more with it. Ah well. C’est la vie. . TOTAL CAMPAIGN […]

F3: Some Kind of Superhero

I’m determined to stick as closely as I can to doing this every week, even if it means being late. So here’s yesterday’s Friday Flash, which I finished today after waking up too late to get to London for the protest against Israel’s war crimes in the Gaza Strip. Worst. Activist. Ever. . SOME KIND […]

F3: Two Thousand and Eight

Happy new year, everyone. Here’s a fairly frivolous piece of F3 for you. Following the trend established by Gareth Jones and Neil Beynon, this piece is themed around the new year. Enjoy. .

Top 10 Flashfic of 2008

Taking my cue from Gareth L. Powell, here are my top ten Friday flash fiction stories of 2008. Our Bright Horizons – A deliberate stylistic and thematic departure from much of what I’d written before. Difficult, but fun. We’re Never Going Home! – the first of a series of latter-’08 tales with titles stolen from […]

F3: Bitterness the Star

Howdy, readers. It’s been a while. I hope you enjoy this. .

F3: Signs

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear meeee. Happy birthday to me. Now here’s  some Friday flash fiction, courtesy of the birthday boy/old man. . SIGNS In one direction, the road stretches out towards a dust-hazed horizon. From the other, a walker approaches. It’s a woman, evident from the contours of […]

F3: We’re Never Going Home!

As promised, here’s this week’s Friday flash fiction. It’s unusually long; about 70 words over the 1k limit. I considered trimming a few sentences but, in the spirit of the subject matter, decided “fuck it”. The title, fact fans, is lifted from the best live/tour film you’ll ever see: Against Me!’s 2004 DVD We’re Never […]