Alien Uprising (film, 2012)

Alien Uprising feat

A British film about alien invasion? We’ve seen a few of those recently. Into the fray comes this mixed effort from director Dominic Burns.

Lunopolis (2010)

I was sent a t-shirt along with my review copy of Lunopolis upon which were printed the words “There are people on the moon. They are from the future. And they run our government.” This is a remarkably concise précis of the plot of this oddball film, and further a useful indicator of its serious style. It’s a […]

Pontypool (2009)

Well, here’s something I’ve been meaning to write for about five months. The film Pontypool is pretty old news now: I originally heard about it in early 2010 due to its appearance on a ‘Best Horror of 2009’ list, and its original theatrical release was almost two years ago. Question of timeliness aside, I think Pontypool […]

Four Lions – “Fuck Mini Babybel”

Chris Morris makes his directorial debut with Four Lions, a film satirising homegrown British terrorists (and, to a lesser extent, British anti-terror efforts). It’s been eagerly awaited since its announcement several years ago, particularly by fans of Morris’s work in television and radio. Has it been worth that wait? On one level… yes. It’s a […]