The City’s gone: on New Weird’s history

Big Echo

“This was quite a surprise to me. It was also something of an “oh, fuck” moment.”

Review: Among Others by Jo Walton

Among Others

Jo Walton’s partially autobiographical ninth novel is a love letter to the books and countryside of her youth; the imaginative stories of SF and fantasy, and the magic of the Welsh landscape.

Review: Jesus and the Eightfold Path (Lavie Tidhar), The Joy of Technology (Roy Gray), Paintwork (Tim Maughan)

Paintwork feat

A review covering three books from three up-and-coming authors (on in Tidhar’s case, fairly well established). Originally published in Vector.

The Old Choir (2008)

Bible in Sanskrit

“He began to scream for help, for forgiveness, for mercy, for everything he could think of, until his lungs were raw and empty of air.”

Dead Cities & Survivors (2008)

Desert wasteland

“Around me I can see scattered ruins, the relics of something that once was. There is a twitch in my mind: I think that I may remember something of this long-dead civilization but it will not come to me.”

The Disastrous Voyage of the Incredible Flying Squirrel (2006)


“The Mad Scientist, you see, had long ago been expelled from civilised society. Ordinary folk found his experiments, not to mention his exposition, somewhat unsettling.”

Entropy in the Clockwork City (2006): Part Three

Clockwork Love by Tjep

“The clockwork construct was motionless; a spider could be seen abseiling down from its hooked beak. Dust coated its surfaces: thick, furred dust that adhered to every curve.”

Entropy in the Clockwork City (2006): Part Two

Clockwork Love by Tjep

“He followed Palak for several hours, along streets and lanes, across markets and plazas, past street performers and brawls, past taverns and theatres, past destitution and opulence. Neither of them spared a glance for any of it.”

Entropy in the Clockwork City (2006): Part One

Clockwork Love by Tjep

“The Clockwork City was the true metropolis, a hegemonic mass of architecture and culture that encompassed all things and made them its own.”

Acapella Zoo #5 (Fall/August 2010)

Acapella Zoo is a web and print ‘zine of slipstream/magic realist fiction based in the US – its editor is based in Seattle but its staff hail from across the States – and has been publishing since 2008. This, its fifth issue, features fifteen stories and poetry by twelve contributors; there is no non-fiction component, […]