Rolo Tomassi / Antares – split 7”

Here we have an unpretentiously packaged record; just a plastic sleeve with a piece of wax inside. (Although, yes, there are the obligatory different colours for the weenil nerds. I think I got the clear one. Does it matter?) Eschewing artwork and liner notes and letting the music speak for itself. Admirable. So what does […]

Let’s Talk Daggers – Blankets

Eastbourne is a bit of a punchline of a town, a place mostly remarked upon as a retirement destination or the butt of cruel jokes about council housing tenants. The thing about quiet little out-of-the-way towns that aren’t known for producing much of interest, is that every so often they do produce something really interesting. […]

The Offcuts vs. WW2 vs. Dinosaurs

In late 2009, one of my favourite hardcore punk outfits in Brighton called it a day: the Offcuts. In the interest of full disclosure I should probably mention that I’ve been friends with the band for years and have lived with most of them at various addresses! Essentially, the band ended when Alex (bass) decided […]