Mixtapes – A Short Collection of Short Songs

You may remember Mixtapes from my review of their split with Milwaukee’s Direct Hit!, about which I said: “…the least convincing band rivalry since Radon burned that church down and Bad Religion wrote them a really stern letter.” Hey, go check out their joint video if that has you curious! So, since then the boys and girl in […]

Diamonds – An Introduction (EP)

Diamonds (“The Band”) are a four-piece outfit from the Black Country, composed of members of regional mainstays like Mothertrucker, The Shoguns Decapitator, The Hubble Constant and Fawks. I’ve heard of Mothertrucker but not the other outfits, but then it’s a long time since I lived in the North or went to Birmingham, so that doesn’t […]

Ghost Robot Ninja Bear – self-titled EP

It’s been irritating me for weeks: just who does Ghost Robot Ninja Bear vocalist Oscar Albis Rodriguez remind me of? So far I’ve only been able to prod my finger towards the vocal stylings of Propagandhi and No Use For A Name, and neither comparison holds much water. Goddamnit, who is it I’m thinking of? […]

Grown Ups – Songs EP

When I first started writing this review I wrote a few lines about how some music sounds like a warm hug feels; or like sitting in the sun with your friends, like laughing and drinking or dancing and singing. Like the good times, basically. I ended up deleting these lines (and then restoring them by obliquely […]

Bomb the Music Industry! – Adults!!!: Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing!!!!!!!

I’ve not reviewed Bomb the Music Industry! on NFI before, although I did reckon last year’s Scrambles was the second best album of the year. That aside, it feels difficult to review a band that you’re so outrageously fond of without just spewing hot, exciting love all over the place. But! The idea behind Adults!!! […]

2009: Year’s Best Music

Where “best” is used in the subjective sense of “what I liked the most”. You want analyses of what was most finely crafted or most significant in terms of pop cultural trends, go read Pitchfork or a music postgraduate’s dissertation. Here’s what caught my imagination, heart, and desire to put my fist in the air […]