Prismo Perfect – Out of Nowhere

Noise-pop trio Prismo Perfect hail from Brest in France, and Out of Nowhere is their debut EP. Or was their debut EP, I should say, as it was actually self-released all the way back in 2009. But what the hell, this isn’t the first time NFI has reviewed something after the event. So, Prismo Perfect […]

Solar Bear – Captains of Industry (CD EP)

Walking in the deep, dissonant and devastating footsteps of hyperactive post-hardcore giants like Blood Brothers, These Arms Are Snakes, Palatka and Assfactor 4 is no mean feat, but with Captains of Industry Solar Bear have managed it with aplomb. Opening with a soft yet noisy, busy but muted, distant and tinny intro, the EP explodes […]

Jackals – self-titled (7″ EP)

According to the short blurb I have here, Jackals play powerviolence. And before I go any further, let’s acknowledge that subgenres of a subgenre like powerviolence aren’t categories or pigeonholes so much as they are useful descriptors, a short-hand to try and trace the influences and heritage of sound that leads to any given band, […]

Let’s Talk Daggers – Blankets

Eastbourne is a bit of a punchline of a town, a place mostly remarked upon as a retirement destination or the butt of cruel jokes about council housing tenants. The thing about quiet little out-of-the-way towns that aren’t known for producing much of interest, is that every so often they do produce something really interesting. […]

Banquets – This Is Our Concern, Dude (7″)

Apparently Banquets are named for a brand of beer, so I was going to open with a predictable joke about pissweak American lager. However, it turns out that the parent company of Coors (who make Coors Original, aka. “the Banquet Beer”) are also responsible for mid-range beers like Grolsch here in the UK. They’re also […]

RVIVR – Dirty Water EP

If it seems like just a few weeks have passed since I reviewed a record from an ex-Latterman outfit, that’s mainly because it was. And like Iron Chic, RVIVR are generating pop-punk tunes that are fun, catchy and warm… although lyrically RVIVR are more upbeat than the scathing outsider poetry of their counterparts. I was […]

The Holy Mess – Dismount

Review cliches: deployed! The Holy Mess play breakneck hardcore punk rock songs that mostly clock in at around the two minute-mark. The drums have that taut, somewhat flat sound that’s the style in a lot of of DIY hardcore punk. Forgive me if you don’t get what I mean; I know fuck all about drums. […]

Bastions – Island Living EP

A split release supported by UK scene stalwarts Holy Roar and new Brighton-based label Tangled Talk, this EP from Welsh hXc kids Bastions has all the hallmarks of quality contemporary hardcore: ferocity, rage, control and intensity, backed up with the songs to prove it. This is their first release via a label according to the […]

The Static Age – i/o

It’s not a fair comparison nor even a particularly accurate one, but the first artist that popped into my head when I first listened to i/o, the new EP from Vermont’s The Static Age, is Chris Rea. Yes, him of ‘The Road to Hell’ fame, the Middlesborough singer-songwriter who’s been churning out banal pop tunes […]