The Border Surrender – Lean Season (EP)

Although I’ve written about London’s The Border Surrender before, it was a review of a digital single so I’ve only heard the one track. It was a doozy, though: “an elaborate song that builds up and pulls back with relaxed restraint, supported throughout by a simple hooky bassline and soft vocals.” The four songs present on […]

The Fucking Cops – Fuck You Up With Some Truth EP

From a name like The Fucked Cops you might expect a DIY hardcore punk ragefest, particularly when they release an EP under the name Fuck You Up With Some Truth. It’s very ‘speak truth to power’, huh? In fact what you get is a collection of melodic, hooky pop-punk and a bundle of contributions from […]

Dads – Brush Your Teeth ;)

Some of you may already be familiar with both the band Dads and also the record Brush Your Teeth ;). If, like me, you’re a devotee of various music blogs that push obscure stuff I’d never have heard of outside without the aid of TOS-abusing blogspot and tumblr writers, you may be familiar with twinkly […]

Cattle Drums – The Boy Kisser Sessions + 3

There are a couple of moments in Cattle Drums’ The Boy Kisser Sessions + 3 that punch me in the face and force me to pay attention. The problem – this isn’t really a problem – is that these moments are the band at their most conventional, and there’s a lot more to them than […]

Cynics – Stones I’ve Thrown 7″

Cynics is Giles Bidder, a musician based in London, who plays “heartfelt acoustic punk”. You want reference points? I’ll give you reference points: Cynics are part of the current, wonderful wave of British punk rock that has also given us Apologies, I Have None, Serf Combat, Calvinball, Bangers and Bastard Rats among others. Acoustic outfits […]

Campaign – Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! (EP)

When I last reviewed Atlanta’s Campaign – all the way back in the heady days of last June, a time I’m sure we all remember fondly through the haze of distance and nostalgia – I noted that the five-piece were clearly intent on reliving the legacy of Gainesville heroes Hot Water Music and the other […]

The Reptilian – Full Health (EP)

Kalamazoo. What a place to live that must be. The name just rolls off the tongue: Kalamazoo. According to Wikipedia the name is derived from an old Potawatomi word; a Native American tribe from the area around Lake Michigan. Kalamazoo. The closest I can get to that is the crappy kazoo I bought to irritate […]

Boy Mandeville – Mo Skrib EP

Long-term readers of Nostalgia For Infinity may remember London’s Boy Mandeville from last June when I reviewed their single, Christina/Raisin Snake. The four-piece have now returned with a self-released 4-track EP, titled Mo Skrib. What’s the title a reference to? Buggered if I know: I’ve got no theories this time around. Anyway, the songs on […]

Mountains For Clouds – Some People Buy Scenery Like This (EP)

Chicago-based three-piece Mountains for Clouds are a good band to listen to after a hard day at work and an evening spent writing, and you can trust that I’m speaking from experience there. This, as far as I know, is the first EP from the outfit although they did previously play together under the less […]

Yngve & the Innocent – Nothing Was Delivered EP

The frontman of Yngve & the Innocent, the eponymous Yngve, has been performing and recording music for over half a decade, but it was in 2008 that he permanently upped sticks and moved to London from Dublin/county Sligo, with his new band forming soon after. The alt-folk four-piece have been gigging the UK and Ireland pretty […]