Dads – Brush Your Teeth ;)

Some of you may already be familiar with both the band Dads and also the record Brush Your Teeth ;). If, like me, you’re a devotee of various music blogs that push obscure stuff I’d never have heard of outside without the aid of TOS-abusing blogspot and tumblr writers, you may be familiar with twinkly […]

Talons – Hollow Realm (album)

Released in the UK by Big Scary Monsters last November, and in the US by Topshelf Records in January, Hollow Realm is the debut album from the Hereford sextet Talons. You may remember Hereford from, er, the Pretenders and Mott the Hoople. I’m pleased to say that things have moved on a little since then. […]

Into It. Over It & Pswingset – split 7″

This is the second of two Into It. Over It split releases I’ve reviewed this week; you can find the first review here. At the start of that review I riffed a little on the slightly daft names the two bands had. Well, Pswingset are upholding that tradition in their own way: the “P” in […]

Mountains For Clouds – Some People Buy Scenery Like This (EP)

Chicago-based three-piece Mountains for Clouds are a good band to listen to after a hard day at work and an evening spent writing, and you can trust that I’m speaking from experience there. This, as far as I know, is the first EP from the outfit although they did previously play together under the less […]

Football, Etc. – Away Game 7″

Just a quick review for you today, of Midwest indie/emo rockers Football, Etc. The Away Game 7″ came out last September and has recently made its way to me. For context, think back to latter-day emo – after the initial wave of frenetic, chaotic outfits, around the time in the mid-90s when the mellower end […]

Castevet – The Echo & the Light

My last review before Christmas, and happily it’s of one of my favourite records of 2010. I’ll have the usual year’s best round-up at some point, but for now why not treat yourself to a copy of Castevet’s The Echo & the Light as a stocking filler? So, Castevet burst into the consciousness of the […]

Grown Ups – More Songs

This isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed Grown Ups, and it’s good to be able to say that with More Songs they’re even better than with the Songs EP. In fact, the four songs from the EP – ‘Surprise Party’, ‘Open Sesame’, ‘Orange Cat’ and ‘Three Day Weekend’ – are also present here, having been […]

Pianos Become The Teeth – Old Pride

I don’t mean to blow my load too early in this here review, but Old Pride may be some of the finest screamo I’ve heard in a while. As the pastoral, old-timey cover suggests, Pianos Become The Teeth are from the dynamic and distraught school of emo rather than the full-on balls-out self-destructive side of things. […]

Frontier(s) – The Plains b/w Radiomine

Louisville, Kentucky is a town I know by musical reputation and little else. It’s produced and been home to an impressive roster of bands over the years from Slint to the hardcore/metal acts I’m more familiar with like Black Cross, Breather Resist, Abscise and Sardaukar (okay, I mainly know the latter because of the Dune […]

Everyone Everywhere – self-titled 12″

Yet another rad US band ploughing a furrow of ambient, emotive music, Everyone Everywhere stand apart from the crowd thanks to a real knack for dynamic songwriting and an evocative warmth that emerges from their musical compositions and lyrical subject matter. Leisurely is another term that applies well to this LP; whilst hardly sedate the […]