Nothing Amazing Happens Here – Highly Conceptual Performance Art (digital EP)

Brooklyn-based D.I.Y. duo Nothing Amazing Happens Here are, without a doubt, my favourite band named for a FLCL reference. Two provisos: I hope it’s a FLCL reference, and I admit they’re the only band I know who might take their name from that awesome OVA. (Actually I just noticed that their Bandcamp page has a […]

The End of the World (fest)

Holy folkpunk, Batman! US DIY punk label Plan-It-X Records is closing up shop. Apparently Chris Johnston “doesn’t want to be a dinosaur” running a label based on selling cheap CDs in an age when “CD sales are dropping like crazy”. Read the full story over at PunkNews, or wherever they picked it up from. The […]

That Fucking Tank – Tanknology

Every so often you will hear a band that delivers such a powerful kick to your teeth you don’t care about anything else but that band for a week. Ladies and gentlemen, That Fucking Tank. It’s a bit of a travesty that I hadn’t heard That Fucking Tank before about a month ago. I’ve been […]

Band Aid: Smalltown America Blogcast #3

Okay, this isn’t a band but it’s my blog and I’ll deviate if I want to. My friend Daniel over at DIY label Smalltown America recently put together Public Service Blogcast Episode 3, which features tunes by Let Our Enemies Beware, Laura Wolf (I still want to meet her, Dan!), the Retro Spankees, Tubelord, 4 […]