Heterocera Excision (2006): Part Two


“My monitoring systems detected an irregular patter of tiny beats, like heavy grains of sand being poured on a sheet of metal. Passive scans of local wireless traffic confirmed the approach of a swarm of tiny security drones.”

Heterocera Excision (2006): Part One


“Let me be frank with you. Dubree and her associates scare the shit out of me. I worked for them a few times when I was a little younger and a lot less wary, and then I got out. There‚Äôs something not quite right about them.”

John Trevillian – The A-Men

There is an argument to be made that it is a difficult time to be writing action-packed fiction with a pulpish bent: more modern forms of entertainment media continue to grow in popularity, and whilst videogame narratives struggle to claw their way out of the ghetto of barely-coherent melodrama and machismo it seems probable that […]

F3: Colours Move

I made it to Friday, and managed four pieces of flash fiction over the course of the week. Not quite five but it’s a decent showing. You’ll have to imagine me saying that sardonically and throwing pointed looks at some of my fellow flash slacktioneers. Today’s story is fairly lightweight, I’m afraid, as I’m a […]