Alison Bechdel – Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic

“In the circus, acrobatics where one person lies on the floor balancing another are called “Icarian Games”. Considering the fate of Icarus after he flouted his father’s advice and flew so close to the sun his wings melted, perhaps some dark humor is intended. “In our particular re-enactment of this mythic relationship, it was not […]

Stephen Grant & Scott Bieser – Odysseus the Rebel

I’ve written about the independent comics publisher Big Head Press once before, indirectly, when I wrote about their excellent story La Muse. Their tagline is “thoughtful stories” and this was certainly true of La Muse, a comic in which a young woman with superpowers set about to change the world to something better. They have […]

Terry Brooks, Edwin David & Robert Place Napton – The Dark Wraith of Shannara

(It occurred to me after writing the review of ‘Feels Like Steven King’ last week that I’d promised to post my Vector reviews online a month or two after they appeared in the magazine itself. That deadline has long since passed for the first three reviews, so I’ll post one on Saturdays for the first […]

Book Review: Steven Deighan & Terry Cooper – Feels Like Stephen King

Steven Deighan has been plugging away in the indie horror scene for almost a decade now, and published his first collection in 2006 (which I reviewed for now-defunct site Yet Another Book Review). It was a promising if unpolished set of stories and I felt it was worth keeping an eye on Deighan’s work. Now, […]

Changing the world with sequential punching

“Sequential punching” being my new favourite term for comic books. I’ve been meaning to write about La Muse for a few weeks now. I’ll freely admit that I’m not anywhere near as much of a comics expert as some of my friends, but the basic premise – a near-omnipotent person sets out to try and […]