On post-truth politics


Implied in the formulation ‘post-truth politics’ is that what went on before it was the truth, and nothing but the truth. Let’s humour this idea, and ask, then, when did such politics begin? At what point did xenophobia and misdirected rage become the common currency of politics? 28 July 2002? Thanks to the Chilcot Report, […]

On neo-anarchism

Mark Fisher

“There’s a strange implicit rule here: it’s OK to protest against what parliament has done, but it’s not alright to enter into parliament or the mass media to attempt to engineer change from there. […] Purism shades into fatalism; better not to be in any way tainted by the corruption of the mainstream, better to uselessly ‘resist’ than to risk getting your hands dirty.”

Gary McMahon – The Concrete Grove review

As I sit down to write this review in mid-August, 2011, the riots that have erupted across Britain over the past week have begun to subside, the energies that drove them dissipating in the face of a coherent police response and that most British of demotivators, the weather. But the anger, social exclusion, vanishing economic […]

Finally, an image of what Cameron’s “Big Society” will look like

The Orwellian online scheme was dreamt up by Devon company ‘Internet Eyes’. They want people to sign up and monitor multiple real-time CCTV feeds from shops and businesses – and then compete to correctly alert them of any perceived suspicious behaviour occurring. The most eagle-eyed snooper each month can win a £1000 prize. But beware! […]

“this electoral morass”

. “The issue of the deficit and who pays for it is the single biggest issue in this electoral morass. There is nothing that comes close to how important this is for the City, for British capitalism, and for the future of welfare and public services in this country. It is in this light that […]

Election summaries: “oh, shit”

As per usual lenin has some good early analysis over at the Tomb which is well worth reading for those wondering where the left can go from here. Enemies of Reason also has a couple of good posts that nicely express the confusion and emotionally bipolar reactions most British people are probably feeling right now. […]

The Scary-Go-Round finally stops

John W. Allison’s fine and long-running surrealist comic published its last strip on Friday, after an unbroken seven year run. Seven years! It makes me feel old just writing that; I must’ve been reading Allison’s work for a decade now. He’s not done yet, of course, and has a new comic starting in just over […]

Fascists thrashed in Harrow

I didn’t catch this story unfolding on Friday night, but I did spot it on TV in a pub in London yesterday and what little I managed to gather looked positively heartwarming. Turns out those impressions were correct – the, uh, collective might of the fascist English Defence League was broken in Harrow, mainly thanks […]