Live: Baton Rouge / She Crazy / Crows-an-Wra / Lower Slaughter

Baton Rouge band photo

French post-hardcore, Brighton punk ‘n roll and charismatic Cornish screamo all in one small sweaty room. TL;DR: it was great.

Brighton After the Bomb (2008): Part Two

Palace Pier fire

“It feels its hard, sharp, precise, ordered edges begin to warp and crack as they are assailed by this intolerably sloppy music.”

Brighton After the Bomb (2008): Part One

Palace Pier fire

“The light still creeps into her awareness, and she thinks nuclear bomb! Nuclear bomb! But there is no rush of air or fire or debris washing over her, just this bright, bright light.”

R.I.P. Rounder Records

A moment of silence.

Iron Chic, Bangers, You Me & the Atom Bomb, Little Ease @ Prince Albert, Brighton

It’s a fair while since I wrote a live review – just over a year, in fact – which probably has as much to do with my newfound tendency to miss the openers as anything else. It’s not a review of a show if you’re not writing about everyone who played, right? Besides, I used […]

The ENA’s pathetic showing in Brighton

Today’s appearance in Brighton by the racist English Nationalist Alliance only managed to muster what looked like about 30-odd people. It was hard to tell, concealed as they were behind huge lines of fluorescent jackets. I’d say that Sussex Police easily had three times as many officers as the ENA had attendees and that was […]

Brighton’s live music venues: an R.I.P. round-up

The news broke today that the Freebutt will no longer be able to operate commercially as a live music venue. Head over here to read their official statement; the gist is that they need £20,000 for the required soundproofing, which they don’t have, and the council have reduced the limiter to 95db which is too […]

Save the Freebutt

This news broke last Wednesday but I’ve been busy recently and so I’m only writing about it now! One of Brighton’s longest-running venues, the Freebutt, is under threat of closure as a result of a noise complaint and subsequent Environmental Health Office investigation. As I put it on Facebook: Many of you will have seen […]

Gama Bomb, Mutant, Crypsis, Drive By Shark live @ Engine Room, Brighton

Gama Bomb + Mutant + Crypsis + Driveby Shark @ Engine Room Brighton, 7th May 2010 I’m not much of a thrash metal fan but my friend Tommy, bless his beard and genial metalhead nature, has been making some effort to convert me. This included getting me to join him for a show headlined by […]

The Offcuts vs. WW2 vs. Dinosaurs

In late 2009, one of my favourite hardcore punk outfits in Brighton called it a day: the Offcuts. In the interest of full disclosure I should probably mention that I’ve been friends with the band for years and have lived with most of them at various addresses! Essentially, the band ended when Alex (bass) decided […]