Review: Among Others by Jo Walton

Among Others

Jo Walton’s partially autobiographical ninth novel is a love letter to the books and countryside of her youth; the imaginative stories of SF and fantasy, and the magic of the Welsh landscape.

2012 Books Read

Books read in 2012 and some vague resolutions for 2013.

Joseph Patrick Larkin – The Arcade of Cruelty

I’ve reviewed a fair mix of self-published books in my time. They included a few gems but quite often they were frankly fucking awful genre novels, written by people who evidently didn’t read widely. As such I stopped accepting them for review. For some reason, in 2008, I accepted for review The Arcade of Cruelty, […]

Ray Bradbury – Something Wicked This Way Comes

Originally published in Vector at the beginning of the year. October, and a storm is coming. A travelling lightning rod salesman arrives and alerts two young friends to what he senses on the horizon. Throughout the town, others feel the tension in the air. Something is coming. And that night, 3 am, that something is […]

Paul McAuley – The Quiet War

Back at the outset of August I promised to post one of my book reviews for Vector every Saturday, and then repeatedly forgot to queue up the reviews for the rest of the month. Duh. Here’s the first of the two, of an understated and clever space opera by Paul McAuley. The Overturn, a period […]

Learning the language

There’s a good discussion in the comments thread of a post in Nick Mamatas’s livejournal. (If you’ve not figured this fact out already, Nick’s blog is equal parts funny and intelligent – both the posts and the comments.) I figured out when I was in my mid teens that ‘getting’ music was about familiarisation, or […]

Life’s too short for Comment is Free articles

I was going to lay off the blogging until NFI is stable again, but then a friend linked me to the Guardian CiF article ‘Life’s too short for thousand-page novels’. I have some sympathy for this perspective but I’m also familiar enough with CiF’s usual standard of literary and music journalism that I was expecting […]

Book review: Something Wicked This Way Comes (Ray Bradbury)

As noted in my 52 Books post, I recently finished reading Rad Bradbury’s classic gothic horror / coming of age adventure novel, Something Wicked This Way Comes. I just sent off my review to Vector’s editor, Dr. Kari Maund, so hopefully it will appear in print later this year. My review of Paul McAuley’s The […]