Arcadian Rhythms goes live

So! The project I have spent the last few months and especially January working on has gone live and the first content is beginning to appear. Check it out! One thing the internet does not need is another gaming blog. So, here is another gaming blog! We like to play games. We like to drink […]

It’s nice to hear from you

Sometimes blogging can seem like a bit of a thankless slog, or worse a pointless endeavour… pissing words into the winds of the internet. This harsh fact is evidenced by the corpses of hundreds of thousands of abandoned blogs and websites. I enjoy writing, I enjoy sharing the things I’ve written and I like the […]

State of the nation address

Okay, okay. I’ve been terrible for the last few weeks. Without even the round-ups this blog’s been looking like a ghost town. Here’s the thing: I’ve been torn two ways between sleeping really badly (insomnia is no fun) and being really busy with the day job. I know no one reading this gives a […]