Ed Wood – The Violent Years

The low-budget genre director Ed Wood is much-beloved of fans of so-bad-they’re-good films, particularly those involving cheap monsters and wonky flying saucers. The man was so widely recognised for his complete lack of filmmaking talent that he was posthumously awarded with a Golden Turkey Award for being the worst director ever. The only comparable artist […]


I don’t have any reviews queued for this week as I spent my spare time last weekend making a website for my band. It’s WordPress-based since that’s all I know, but I think it’s come out pretty well. Credit where it’s due: I’m using a modified version of this theme. Minor detail for the techgeeks: […]

Wrecktheplacefantastic in the studio

A few weeks back my band spent the day in Studio 284, Brighton’s number one seafront-based DIY punx recording studio. I figured I’d write a little diary-style piece to celebrate our first crack at proper recording. Why were we there? We wanted to record a three-track demo for two reasons: firstly, so that we could […]

Wrecktheplacefantastic @ Brighton Hob, Monday May 11th

Yes, we have another show. A mere five and a half months after our first! The world of rock & roll is fast-paced and demanding, and many get left behind. But not we: we have seized the reigns and are clinging firmly to the frenzied horse of punk rock. Okay, actually, our drummer quit right […]

WRECKTHEPLACEFANTASTIC debut show – Fri 28th Nov.

My band, Wrecktheplacefantastic, has its first gig next Friday 28th November. In case you don’t know the lineup, it’s Ben on lead guitar and vox, myself on rhythm guitar and shouting, Jake on bass guitar and screaming, and Fran on drums and not making vocal chordy noises. We play slightly punky melodic rock music – […]

We Are Drunken Idiots

Just to prove that I really do have a band, here’s a stupid video of us being drunk and not taking that whole “musicianship” bullshit seriously at practice. By this point our bassist was steaming drunk, our drummer had broken the edge, and I’d broken all my strings. Fortunately you can’t hear what we were […]