We’ll Go Machete – Strong Drunk Hands

These days it’s so easy to describe music as post-hardcore that the term has almost lost meaning. Still, if to you post-hardcore still recalls Fugazi, Shellac, Drive Like Jehu, Quicksand or even more modern mathy outfits like These Arms Are Snakes and (my personal favourites) Future of the Left, it’s highly probable that you’ll derive a great deal […]

Creations – The Gospel

Last week I wrote a little about how bewildered I was to be sent a number of Christian metal albums to review. I suppose I could have simply chosen to not review them, but I’m game for a challenge. Some challenges, however, are simply too great. And here we are with The Gospel, by Creations. […]

Transit – Keep This To Yourself (album)

My initial impressions of Boston outfit Transit’s second album were not positive: whilst I’m not familiar with their past output I am all too familiar with glossy but derivative punk rock. It’s unfair to judge a band before you’ve given them a thorough chance, of course, but I’ve heard enough identikit songs from identikit bands […]

Run, Forever – The Devil, The Death, and Me (album)

There’s something deliciously simple about The Devil, The Death, and Me, Pittsburgh three-piece Run, Forever’s debut album. That’s not to say that musically, thematically or lyrically there’s anything crude about it, only that it’s a refreshingly honest and straightforward affair given the pompous title. Reference points are obvious from the outset: vocalist Anthony Heubel either […]

Only Thieves – Heartless Romantics (album)

Heartless Romantics, the debut full-length release from Tallahassee, Florida’s Only Thieves, opens almost as it intends to go on. ‘All the Sad Young Men’, the warm, melodic opening track, has all of the key ingredients of the rest of the record: there are some good hooks embedded in it, it has a sound inspired by […]

Octaves – Greener Pastures (album)

I’ve got to confess that with a name like Octaves I was expecting something a lot mellower, or at least a bunch of punchy pop-punk tunes, with lots of octave chords, mostly written about how girls suck and girlfriends leaving you sucks and possibly also jobs suck. I should’ve guessed from the cover art, though, […]

Talons – Hollow Realm (album)

Released in the UK by Big Scary Monsters last November, and in the US by Topshelf Records in January, Hollow Realm is the debut album from the Hereford sextet Talons. You may remember Hereford from, er, the Pretenders and Mott the Hoople. I’m pleased to say that things have moved on a little since then. […]

After The Fall – Eradication (album)

Even after years of listening to and reviewing music it’s great that there are still little things that can surprise or impress me – like just how much sound and intensity can come out of a three-piece lineup. After The Fall (or Afterthefall?) hail from Albany in the state of New York, the capital city […]

Dolcim – We Carry the Fire (12″ LP)

We Carry the Fire opens with an extensive sample from the 1938 radio broadcast of Wells’ War of the Worlds; the excerpt concerns ground zero for the Martian invasion, the small town of Grover’s Mill. All but one of the other tracks on this record are named for persons, their age and occupation. The obvious assumption […]

Daughters – self-titled

Released all the way back in March, Daughters has already required a reputation – not only as a standout album but also as the record that broke the band which wrote it. After recording but before release guitarist Nick Sadler and bassist Samuel Walker left the band, leaving vocalist Alexis Marshall and drummer Jon Syverson […]