Grown Ups – More Songs

This isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed Grown Ups, and it’s good to be able to say that with More Songs they’re even better than with the Songs EP. In fact, the four songs from the EP – ‘Surprise Party’, ‘Open Sesame’, ‘Orange Cat’ and ‘Three Day Weekend’ – are also present here, having been […]

Charles the Osprey – Consider

There’s an amusing anecdote in the press release I was sent for Charles the Osprey’s Consider, and although normally quoting directly from a press release would be complete anathema to me, I’m going to share this: Charles the Osprey’s moment of infamy was brief and bittersweet. After a show early into the band’s tenure as […]

Pianos Become The Teeth – Old Pride

I don’t mean to blow my load too early in this here review, but Old Pride may be some of the finest screamo I’ve heard in a while. As the pastoral, old-timey cover suggests, Pianos Become The Teeth are from the dynamic and distraught school of emo rather than the full-on balls-out self-destructive side of things. […]

Iron Chic – Not Like This

Hey, I’m digging this! It’s another record self-released via Bandcamp for free/£voluntary download, and I’m liking it enough that I think I’ll fling a few bucks the way of Iron Chic. Okay, there’s nothing new here – this is fast-paced driving melodic punk rock and everyone knows that by this point just about everything you […]

Victor! Fix the Sun – Person, Place or Thing

I first heard Michigan three-piece Victor! Fix the Sun just a few weeks ago by way of 2007’s Retractable Claws, and this album actually came out late last year, but the two records have impressed me enough that I wanted to write a little about the newest one. If Retractable Claws was reminiscent of Fugazi’s […]

Off With Their Heads – In Desolation

I think one of the things I love most about Minneapolis’s Off With Their Heads is how clear, accessible and honest their darkness is. Let me explain: there are a lot of ways in which an artist can submit themselves to painful self-examination, and no matter what approach you take it’s likely that the result […]

Campaign – It Likes To Party

In a post-Hot Water Music world it’s good to know there are bands keeping the dream of blood, sweat and beer alive. Hailing from Atlanta, Campaign play punchy, gruff melodic post-hardcore ala. “the Gainesville sound” that descended from, er, Sunderland’s Leatherface. The Hot Water Music comparison is probably one that’s been made in almost every review […]

Dirty Tactics – It Is What It is

A moment of serendipity: a couple of weeks ago I swung by a show to catch Welsh punk trio Bangers and also endded up seeing Philadelphia’s Dirty Tactics. Their intense, hard and melodic hardcore punk rock and varied songwriting impressed me and I bought their new album and split 7″ with Bangers. Two days later […]

That Fucking Tank – Tanknology

Every so often you will hear a band that delivers such a powerful kick to your teeth you don’t care about anything else but that band for a week. Ladies and gentlemen, That Fucking Tank. It’s a bit of a travesty that I hadn’t heard That Fucking Tank before about a month ago. I’ve been […]

Album Review: Walk.DontWalk – A Horse To Be Reckoned With

Thanks to being grossly behind with my RSS feeds I failed to notice that my review of Brum outfit Walk.DontWalk‘s debut album, A Horse To Be Reckoned With, had gone live over at The Dreaded Press. On April 18th. I think that qualifies as a big fat fail. This seems as opportune a moment as […]