The Saddest Landscape – You Will Not Survive

Boston’s The Saddest Landscape are  a band with a bit of a pedigree; originally formed in 2002, they released splits with notable outfits like Funeral Diner and shared the stage with a number of contemporary emo and screamo outfits. They split for a couple of years in ’06 and ’07 before reuniting for a few […]

Bars of Gold – Of Gold!

The press release for Of Gold, the debut release from Michigan’s Bars of Gold, is almost overwhelming in its hyperbolic excitement. It’s a bit of a turn-off if I’m honest, but then I’ve always been a bit of a contrarian wanker when it comes to marketing. In fairness, though, this is the new project from […]

Brontosaurus Chorus – Owls

A slightly embarrassing but amusing anecdote: when I received this for review I got Brontosaurus Chorus confused with Jacob Borshard, because I was introduced to both by the same person at around the same time, and Borshard has a song titled ‘The Last Brontosaurus’. If you’ve heard both bands / artists you’ll recognise how daft this is, since […]

Sledgeback – Bite the Bullet

Bite the Bullet is the fourth full-length from Seattle’s Sledgeback, a band with a more interesting than usual backstory: frontman Gabor Szakácsi, ex-Hungary’s C.A.F.B. (Cops Are Fucking Bastards, an alternative to the more-familiar UK acronym A.C.A.B, which you can probably figure out) moved to the US sometime in 2004 not knowing a word of English […]

imadethismistake – Bow and Quiver

Straight up confession: I did not dig imadethismistake when I first heard them. On my first listens Bow and Quiver sounded like folky punk/alt-rock which lacked any of the ingredients necessary to hook me in. Fortunately, because I do this for fun and don’t have to churn through reviews after one or less listens, I persevered, […]

Candy Hearts – Ripped Up Jeans & Silly Dreams

Check out that arts-and-crafts-style cover art to the right. Reminds me of Fuzzy Felt. Remember Fuzzy Felt? Man, that shit was awesome. New York’s Candy Hearts are relatively new faces on the scene but they’ve already gotten quite a bit of attention thanks to the release of their debut album, Ripped Up Jeans & Silly […]

Castevet – The Echo & the Light

My last review before Christmas, and happily it’s of one of my favourite records of 2010. I’ll have the usual year’s best round-up at some point, but for now why not treat yourself to a copy of Castevet’s The Echo & the Light as a stocking filler? So, Castevet burst into the consciousness of the […]

Go Rydell – The Golden Age

It feels a little odd to be reviewing this record during the coldest few days Britain’s experienced this year (at least, I don’t remember January being this bad), with its summery youth crew vibe, warm and nostalgic cover art, and the fact that Go Rydell are lucky enough to hail from Orlando, Florida, but on […]

Museum Mouth – Tears in my Beer

Ah, sweet nostalgia, stock in trade of many a band. North Carolina’s Museum Mouth are a three-piece outfit coupling low-key personal lyrics with fuzzed-out lo-fi indie/punk rock. The lyrics are a real strong point although when read they don’t stand out; it’s in their musical context that they work. A poetry of the little things, small […]

Young Adults – Black Hole

Writing PR emails to solicit reviews must be a tricky art, striking a balance between a variety of factors like wanting to appear professional but not hopelessly businesslike; personal enough to make a connection with the prospective reviewer but not so falsely chummy as to put them off; and so on. Or you could just […]