The Haunted Continents – Loudest Year Ever (album)

One of my favourite things about reviewing American bands is that I get to look up where they’re from, and that fills out a tiny bit more of my knowledge about a geographically immense country which I’ve only visited a tiny part of. The Haunted Continents, for example, are from Connecticut, which I thought was […]

Ghost Heart – The Tunnel (album)

The old adage about writing about music being akin to dancing about architecture is a difficult one to argue against, at least in part because music is an art form which depends so much upon the emotional response of the listener. This in itself depends greatly upon a range of factors such as the mood […]

Tigon / Canyons / Foreign Theatres – Can’t Have Nothin’ Nice split 12″

As a concept, Can’t Have Nothin’ Nice is pretty damn cool. It’s a three-way collaboration between three bands – Missouri’s Canyons and Foreign Theatres, San Francisco’s Tigon – and three labels, The Ghost is Clear, Melotov and Mayfly. As a record, it’s a bit uneven; there are clear strengths and weaknesses. This might well be […]

Trojan Horse – self-titled

Hey, remember when bands weren’t afraid to be English? And not everything was a 2nd, 3rd or further-generation copy of something American? Although inflammatory statements like that are grossly inaccurate – if you can’t find such music you’re not trying hard enough – there are two reasons I elected to go ahead and write it. […]

The Taxpayers – To Risk So Much for One Damn Meal (album)

During my research into this record – a fun process that usually involves browsing the execrable MySpace far more than I’d like – I discovered that the Taxpayers credit a whopping ten people on this record. This goes some way toward explaining just how they’ve managed to produce such a varied record whilst retaining a […]

The End of America – Steep Bay (album)

There are times when cultural differences, no matter how small and minor, seem signficant. It’s my conclusion that Steep Bay by The End of America suffers from these – from my perspective, at least. But Steep Bay is an album that remembers the expansive landscapes of North America rather than the cramped rural countryside of […]

Come On Gang! – Strike A Match (album)

I’ve previously written about Fortune Favours the Brave, a free single from this album which was released last September, describing it as an uplifting and earworm-hooky piece of indie-pop that should’ve been a dancefloor hit. I’ve rarely got the patience for clubs these days so I don’t know how accurate that prediction turned out to […]

Annabel – Here We Are Tomorrow (EP)

When Here We Are Tomorrow first came to me for review I had a strong sensation that I’d heard Annabel before. Although I think this wasn’t the case, and I was actually suffering from a bit of ‘music geek’s name confusion’ and thinking of Annalise, alongside recognising their name from their record labels websites, I […]

Babies Three – self-titled LP

Long-term fans of British DIY hardcore may remember Margate’s Babies Three, who were about between ’99 and ’04 and released a handful of records before briefly changing their name and splitting up. I never got to see them but they toured Europe with Yaphet Kotto and Song of Zarathustra, which is pretty fucking badass. So, […]

The Cold Beat – Get Safe

Boston three-piece The Cold Beat‘s debut album, Get Safe, lays many of its cards down from the outset. The title may be a little unfortunate: there’s nothing on offer here that’s likely to have your jaw dropping, your eyes popping or any other such cliche. The opening tune, ‘Play to Win’, establishes a formula that […]