Grazes – Myths (7″)

When I was sent this record to review I was told that the band didn’t really know what they sound like. I can sympathise; it’s pretty difficult to describe your own music. I figure this is because when you’re playing them, you think of songs as being built out of riffs and licks and beats […]

Direct Hit! & Tit Patrol – split 7″

You may recall Milwaukee’s Direct Hit! from this review of their split with Mixtapes. You may also recall that they played rock-out cock-out anthemic melodic punk of the inherently catchy variety. Tit Patrol are a band I’ve not written about before; they hail from Delaware and occupy territory that’s not a million miles away from […]

Into It. Over It & Pswingset – split 7″

This is the second of two Into It. Over It split releases I’ve reviewed this week; you can find the first review here. At the start of that review I riffed a little on the slightly daft names the two bands had. Well, Pswingset are upholding that tradition in their own way: the “P” in […]

Football, Etc. – Away Game 7″

Just a quick review for you today, of Midwest indie/emo rockers Football, Etc. The Away Game 7″ came out last September and has recently made its way to me. For context, think back to latter-day emo – after the initial wave of frenetic, chaotic outfits, around the time in the mid-90s when the mellower end […]

Mixtapes / Direct Hit! – split 7″

Today, a quick review! Here’s a split 7″ with a fun, semi-traditional punk rock premise: two bands, two songs, one of the two songs being an original tune of their own, and the other being a cover of the second band’s original tune. Pow! So two different versions of the same two songs for your […]

Junior Battles – self-titled 7″

Junior Battles are another recent discovery and another I’m really pleased to have been introduced to. Hailing from Toronto – home of Cancer Bats, Broken Social Scene, Holy Fuck and the unstoppableĀ Fucked Up among others – Junior Battles play irrepressible and infectious pop-punk that’s kinda 90s throwback in sound but doesn’t simply mimic what’s come […]