F3: Two Thousand and Eight

Happy new year, everyone. Here’s a fairly frivolous piece of F3 for you. Following the trend established by Gareth Jones and Neil Beynon, this piece is themed around the new year. Enjoy. .

A Year in Music: Shaun’s best of 2008

I’m not going to pretend these are the best records of 2008. I’ve only heard a tiny fraction of what’s come out, and I listen for pleasure – not to pick out something unique, evolutionary, or a “generational lightning rod” (source: the Observer, predictably). No doubt next year I’ll hear something I missed that will […]

A Year in Music: the best of 2008, elsewhere

Many of us have our personal best-ofs for the year that has passed but it’s always interesting to see what others thought, be they friends or critical/commercial venues. Personally, I’m always impressed by how I seemingly bought completely different records to everyone else. Anyhow, for fellow music nerds here’s a collection of such round-ups…

2008’s most popular posts

A bit of WordPress blogstat geekery: I’ve been looking at the posts that have proven most popular over the past year. Predictably, It’s post-a-rejection-letter Friday! is sitting pretty at the top by a wide margin: 1,056 views. This just goes to show that cheeky responses to blogosphere teacup-storms are always good. I was at first […]

Top 10 Flashfic of 2008

Taking my cue from Gareth L. Powell, here are my top ten Friday flash fiction stories of 2008. Our Bright Horizons – A deliberate stylistic and thematic departure from much of what I’d written before. Difficult, but fun. We’re Never Going Home! – the first of a series of latter-’08 tales with titles stolen from […]