Nostalgia For Infinity is presently closed to submissions.

That includes record reviews. I’m sure you got my contact details from a very useful mailing list, but I’ve done effectively zero music reviews in two years. Every new PR, label or band that contacts me with a form email is just telling me they couldn’t even be bothered to look at this site.

Disclosure Policy

  1. No sex.
  2. No drugs.
  3. No wine.
  4. No women.
  5. No fun.
  6. No sin.
  7. No you.
  8. No wonder it’s dark.
  9. The opinions on this blog, where not otherwise specified, are mine alone.
  10. Where I recognise that a conflict of interest may be perceived, it will be stated.
  11. I have never received financial or material compensation for reviews beyond review copies.
  12. I like whiskey and hugs. I won’t speak better of your work if you give me either, but I will speak fondly of your personal character.
  13. I am not an adherent of the Slow Blogging Manifesto, but I do admire it.

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