Selected Fiction

A small selection of my short stories and flash fiction, with the year they were written or finished.

Readers Like You (2016)

A Person-Shaped Thing is a Person (2016)

Punk’s Not Dead (2009)

Heralded By Iron (2009)

MySpace: 1999 (2009)

Some Kind of Superhero (2009)

Bitterness The Star (2008)

Carried Out to the Sea (2008)

Watching the Valves (2008)

We’re Never Going Home! (2008)

Our Bright Horizon (2008)

My Mother the Robot (2008)

Brighton After the Bomb – Parts One and Two (2008)

The Old Choir (2008)

Slip It In (2007)

I Am Colony (2007)

Grey Matter (2007)

The Flowers of War World (2007)

Pearls That Were His Eyes – Parts OneTwo and Three (2007)

Entropy in the Clockwork City – Parts OneTwo and Three (2006)

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