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Game Dev Diary #1 – early days & false starts

Part one in a probably endless occasional series, documenting the extraordinarily slow process of developing a game when you’re already working full time.

A titan's leering face

“I will kill them all!”: Thoughts on Attack on Titan

“It is, essentially, about a fear of being consumed. The series’ creative teams are well aware of this and spare little opportunity to viscerally represent the horrifying sight of people being eaten or to cut away at just the right moment to let the viewer’s appalled imagination do the work. The fear of being consumed is of course a natural one – for all human beings’ complex society and technology we are still ultimately meat and bone – and realising it via monsters who look much like large, sexless versions of ourselves is just the icing on the loathsome cake.”

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Vector 2014 Recommendations

A short write-up of a few assorted 2014 favourites, originally intended for publication in Vector. It’s not appearing there, so it’s here instead. Fancy that!

Rubbish strewn across a street as onlookers and traffic mill around uncertainly.

Oh! What A Lovely Year

2014: it was a year in which shit happened.

Memory Insufficient & RPS cover shots

Why hello there, 2015

A new year makes for a clean slate.

That’s the sort of thing I tell myself when I begin to feel bad about still being awake, watching terrible films, in the very smallest hours of the morning.