Dreaming Void cover

I read the Void trilogy & all I got was this creepy feeling

“…when reading fat skiffy trilogies you have to expect a certain degree of padding, so it’d be churlish of me to complain about an author including lots of sex alongside lots of pew-pew space fighting if that’s what he’s decided is cool. Where it becomes a problem for me is where sexual objectification pours off the page by the gallon, and it’s all astonishingly one-sided. I have, entirely unironically, described the Void trilogy to friends as Male Gaze: The Space Opera.”

Unreal Engine 4 blueprint editor

Game Dev Diary #2 – actual progress

Choosing the Unreal editor over Unity and why that decision was made; deciding on a source control system; nearing our first development milestone and what that has involved.

Broken Monsters cover image

Review: Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes

Broken Monsters is an admirable work of fiction that ticks all the right boxes for fans of crime thrillers, fantasy and SF.

Defenders cover

Review: Defenders by Will McIntosh

“This is a surprisingly emotionally engaging novel for what is essentially a cross-breed of two traditional SF tropes: the invasion of Earth and the unforeseen consequences of scientific progress.”

Get Katja cover image

Review: Get Katja by Simon Logan

About the only things that Katja values in her life are her guitar, her band, and her wits. All three are about as battered as each other but, as Minnesota punk band Dillinger 4 wrote, channelling down-and-outer author Nelson Algren, “the beat-up side of what they call pride could be the measure of these days.”