On populism

“It can be said about all populisms, in spite of their bewildering historical variety, that at a minimum they construct a virtuous ‘people’ to pit against a more or less real or imaginary elite that places its own interest above that of the people.”

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Post-Mortem: Rumours & Hearsay

“I wouldn’t call myself an experienced writer of fiction, but I’ve certainly had more practice at it than I have at making Twine games. That’s why I decided to write one and why this post-mortem is going to be fairly self-critical.”

Systemic Alternatives: Deglobalization

On deglobalization

“The key question that remains to be answered is how to build plural economies at national and global levels that are not driven by capital.”

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Farewell, Wrecktheplacefantastic

My friend Ben and I had talked about forming a band for years. We both played guitar and neither of us was as good as we wanted to be. Most of my efforts to improve stalled because I found practising guitar on my own unspeakably dull.

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Review: Mervyn vs. Dennis

Mervyn vs. Dennis, a highly entertaining page-turner about real misfits, the weirdness of human relationships and the mysteries of pineapples, is a wild ride. It is consistently funny yet somehow manages to avoid lapsing into awkward, squirm-inducing cringe comedy territory.