Nostalgia For Infinity: state of the blog address, Jan 2012

So, yeah. It’s been a month since my last proper update here on NFI and this has given me plenty of time to think about what I want to do with the blog. I’m still not 100% sure; I’m a fickle man and I tend to drift between my hobbies, moving focus from one to another […]

How to Annoy Old Punks in Four Easy Steps

Take classic hardcore punk song from 80s Have it covered by a squeaky clean pop singer (Bonus points if he/she is cuter than most punk rockers) Fill entire cover band with guys from 80s hardcore punk bands Get quote from original singer approving of the cover version

Gary McMahon – The Concrete Grove review

As I sit down to write this review in mid-August, 2011, the riots that have erupted across Britain over the past week have begun to subside, the energies that drove them dissipating in the face of a coherent police response and that most British of demotivators, the weather. But the anger, social exclusion, vanishing economic […]

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to slack off and get totally crunk

Okay, that’s only, like, a part of it. A few well-deserved beers and whiskies will be involved, but actually now that I’ve run up to the end of the old era of reviewage I’d like to take a brief holiday from NFI. This will probably only last a week, perhaps two at the most. Once I’m […]

The Bombpops – Stole the TV

And here we are, the very last review of 2011. (I admit that to engineer this feat of scheduling I had to queue this to be posted four hours after this morning’s review of We’ll Go Machete, which I recommend you go read now if you’ve not yet done so.) It’s an emotional moment. By […]