Bomb the Music Industry

Never Get Tired: the BTMI Story

“An inescapably vital part of the Bomb The Music Industry! story lies in its ethics. These are substantially inspired by Fugazi and Ian Mackaye’s uncompromising efforts to create music and play for audiences in a framework detached from the exploitative commercial practices of the music industry…”

Arcadian Invaders

The Games of 2016

A man who used to write about games a lot has played some games he thought were pretty good. Here you can read about what those games were and why he thought they were good. Maybe you can then play them yourself, or tell him why he’s wrong.

Novara Media - refugees

On refugees

“While dependence is sanctioned, action is criminalised.”

Big Echo

The City’s gone: on New Weird’s history

“This was quite a surprise to me. It was also something of an “oh, fuck” moment.”


Thumper Ain’t No Flow Game

“The elephantine space-beetle in the room when it comes to Thumper is how hard it is. So yes, we need to talk about difficulty.”