Big Echo

The City’s gone: on New Weird’s history

“This was quite a surprise to me. It was also something of an “oh, fuck” moment.”


Thumper Ain’t No Flow Game

“The elephantine space-beetle in the room when it comes to Thumper is how hard it is. So yes, we need to talk about difficulty.”


On populism

“It can be said about all populisms, in spite of their bewildering historical variety, that at a minimum they construct a virtuous ‘people’ to pit against a more or less real or imaginary elite that places its own interest above that of the people.”

photo of post mortem photography

Post-Mortem: Rumours & Hearsay

“I wouldn’t call myself an experienced writer of fiction, but I’ve certainly had more practice at it than I have at making Twine games. That’s why I decided to write one and why this post-mortem is going to be fairly self-critical.”

Systemic Alternatives: Deglobalization

On deglobalization

“The key question that remains to be answered is how to build plural economies at national and global levels that are not driven by capital.”