Palace Pier fire

Brighton After the Bomb (2008): Part One

“The light still creeps into her awareness, and she thinks nuclear bomb! Nuclear bomb! But there is no rush of air or fire or debris washing over her, just this bright, bright light.”


The Disastrous Voyage of the Incredible Flying Squirrel (2006)

“The Mad Scientist, you see, had long ago been expelled from civilised society. Ordinary folk found his experiments, not to mention his exposition, somewhat unsettling.”

The Mall cover

S L Grey – The Mall review

“Leading duo Rhoda and Dan are less heroic than most. The former has lost a child in the mall whilst scoring coke, and the latter is a socially and emotionally stunted miseryguts who despises his job. Events fling this unwilling pair of misanthropes together in pursuit of the child Rhoda has lost.”

Clockwork Love by Tjep

Entropy in the Clockwork City (2006): Part Three

“The clockwork construct was motionless; a spider could be seen abseiling down from its hooked beak. Dust coated its surfaces: thick, furred dust that adhered to every curve.”

Clockwork Love by Tjep

Entropy in the Clockwork City (2006): Part Two

“He followed Palak for several hours, along streets and lanes, across markets and plazas, past street performers and brawls, past taverns and theatres, past destitution and opulence. Neither of them spared a glance for any of it.”