Desert wasteland

Dead Cities & Survivors (2008)

“Around me I can see scattered ruins, the relics of something that once was. There is a twitch in my mind: I think that I may remember something of this long-dead civilization but it will not come to me.”

Roman scale armour

Claimjumper (2006)

“We were a team of self-proclaimed archaeologists. Others called us looters, grave-robbers, cavaliers masquerading as serious scientists and explorers.”


In the Night (2006)

“We know they first came for us three nights ago, although we can no longer distinguish between night and day without aid of a watch. None of us ever actually saw the things that came.”

Chicago rail tunnel

Underground Railroad (2009)

“It began seven days before with, as so many things do, a transaction.”

Palace Pier fire

Brighton After the Bomb (2008): Part Two

“It feels its hard, sharp, precise, ordered edges begin to warp and crack as they are assailed by this intolerably sloppy music.”