Phoenix Subsiding (2005)

“The smells of the room filled his nostrils; plastics, sterile metal, and the smell of humanity that drives out emptiness.”

Seven sisters star cluster

Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (2006)

“Towards the end of that initial period, the ships had seemed to become less substantial, evading the eye. They appeared completely opaque when regarded directly, but the eye seemed to slide around the wider masses, and when forced to focus on the sphere of spacecraft as a whole the eyes and brain began to throb painfully”

Nuclear bunker

Truth (2006)

“I once knew a journalist who believed heart and soul in the truth, in universal truths and justice and other such high-minded concepts.”


Heterocera Excision (2006): Part Two

“My monitoring systems detected an irregular patter of tiny beats, like heavy grains of sand being poured on a sheet of metal. Passive scans of local wireless traffic confirmed the approach of a swarm of tiny security drones.”


Heterocera Excision (2006): Part One

“Let me be frank with you. Dubree and her associates scare the shit out of me. I worked for them a few times when I was a little younger and a lot less wary, and then I got out. There‚Äôs something not quite right about them.”