Pearls That Were His Eyes (2007): Part One

“To those versed in the art of murder, a gun is understood as an impersonal tool.”


Amber (2006)

“Above her a dead sky cavorts in whirls and swirls as it spits poison and lightning.”


Small Fish (2006)

“Once they had gotten over their initial fear, Earth’s leaders scaled back their plans to build bigger guns and instead focused on how best to ‘welcome Earth’s alien friends’ and initiate advantageous trade.”

Bible in Sanskrit

The Old Choir (2008)

“He began to scream for help, for forgiveness, for mercy, for everything he could think of, until his lungs were raw and empty of air.”

Shattered mirror

Doppelganger (2004)

“They say that in cryogenic sleep, it is common to dream in a disjointed fashion.”