Strange Times feat

The Strange Times – I Love Cops (EP, 2014)

New York’s The Strange Times aren’t shy of sharing their mission statement. Their claimed intent is to “make the most relevant punk rock you’ve heard in decades.”

Alien Uprising feat

Alien Uprising (film, 2012)

A British film about alien invasion? We’ve seen a few of those recently. Into the fray comes this mixed effort from director Dominic Burns.

Acid Fast feat

Acid Fast – Rabid Moon (album, 2014)

Oakland’s Acid Fast recently released their first album, presumably to help me ring in the new year.


Pearls That Were His Eyes (2007): Part Three

“It was the Stalker that spoke. Its voice grated on the senses, like a dozen knifeblades being drawn over metal and concrete, but beneath that there was a melancholic timbre, the impossibility of poetry lurking beneath monstrosity.”


Pearls That Were His Eyes (2007): Part Two

“There was something clinging to the ceiling. A nightmarish figure of spikes and rails and blades, with six dimly glimmering eyes set into a squat head. Four of its limbs were driven into the ceiling, suspending it, and the other two reached toward Bearer and the Gun.”