Moxyland feat

Lauren Beukes’ Moxyland and fear of the future

Moxyland is an excellent thriller, an engaging spin on the ageing genre of cyberpunk, and a thoroughly convincing portrayal of youth culture in various social strata of near-future Cape Town. However, its political heart leaves something to be desired.

Paintwork feat

Review: Jesus and the Eightfold Path (Lavie Tidhar), The Joy of Technology (Roy Gray), Paintwork (Tim Maughan)

A review covering three books from three up-and-coming authors (on in Tidhar’s case, fairly well established). Originally published in Vector.

Strange Times feat

The Strange Times – I Love Cops (EP, 2014)

New York’s The Strange Times aren’t shy of sharing their mission statement. Their claimed intent is to “make the most relevant punk rock you’ve heard in decades.”

Alien Uprising feat

Alien Uprising (film, 2012)

A British film about alien invasion? We’ve seen a few of those recently. Into the fray comes this mixed effort from director Dominic Burns.

Acid Fast feat

Acid Fast – Rabid Moon (album, 2014)

Oakland’s Acid Fast recently released their first album, presumably to help me ring in the new year.