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A short writing update

A quick update on some of my writing for other venues.


Review: Vurt and Pollen by Jeff Noon

A joint review of Jeff Noon’s groundbreaking, hallucinatory, Manchester-based SF novels: Vurt (1993) and Pollen (1995).

Among Others

Review: Among Others by Jo Walton

Jo Walton’s partially autobiographical ninth novel is a love letter to the books and countryside of her youth; the imaginative stories of SF and fantasy, and the magic of the Welsh landscape.

Moxyland feat

Lauren Beukes’ Moxyland and fear of the future

Moxyland is an excellent thriller, an engaging spin on the ageing genre of cyberpunk, and a thoroughly convincing portrayal of youth culture in various social strata of near-future Cape Town. However, its political heart leaves something to be desired.

Paintwork feat

Review: Jesus and the Eightfold Path (Lavie Tidhar), The Joy of Technology (Roy Gray), Paintwork (Tim Maughan)

A review covering three books from three up-and-coming authors (on in Tidhar’s case, fairly well established). Originally published in Vector.