Snowpiercer hatchetmen

Elysium & Snowpiercer: exploding heads vs. rail sociology

Elysium is bad science fiction on just about every level, and a pretty poor film to boot. Snowpiercer, by contrast, is a fascinating study of human social psychology in a high-stress environment.

This Is the End feat

This Is the End: a petty apocalypse

A shower of narcissistic celebutards and vain Hollywood types gather for a party that happens to coincide with the Rapture and the subsequent end of the world? How could this go wrong?

Love Minus Eighty

Review: Love Minus Eighty by Will McIntosh

Will McIntosh’s latest novel initially appears ugly and callous, but given time blossoms and displays its heart.

That Broken Punk Metaphor art

A short writing update

A quick update on some of my writing for other venues.


Review: Vurt and Pollen by Jeff Noon

A joint review of Jeff Noon’s groundbreaking, hallucinatory, Manchester-based SF novels: Vurt (1993) and Pollen (1995).