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To date my book/shortfic reviews have appeared on Yet Another Book Review, SF Crowsnest, The Fix Online, T3A Space, Den of Geek and have not appeared in Scalpel Magazine.

Today I review several books a year for the print journal Vector (and have done since 2009) and post occasional reviews directly to NostalgiaForInfinity.com.

Full lists of reviews follow, grouped by publication, in reverse chronological order.



Vector is the critical journal of the BSFA and maintains a web presence here, although the site is very intermittently updated.

  • Forthcoming issues will feature my reviews of Get Katja by Simon Logan, Defenders by Will McIntosh, and Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes.
  • #277The Violent Century and Martian Sands by Lavie Tidhar. Read the review here.
  • #276: Sunshine Patriots by Bill Campbell. Read the review here.
  • #275Love Minus Eighty by Will McIntosh. Read the review here.
  • #274: Vurt and Pollen by Jeff Noon. Read the review here.
  • #273: featured my review of Among Others by Jo Walton. Read the review here.
  • #272: featured my review of The Mall by S. L. Grey. Read the review here.
  • #270: featured my reviews of Jesus and the Eightfold Path by Lavie Tidhar (Immersion Press, 2011), The Joy of Technology by Roy Gray (Pendragon Press, 2011) and Paintwork by Tim Maughan (Amazon Createspace/ebook, 2011). Read the review here.
  • #268: featured my review of The Concrete Grove by Gary McMahon. Read the review here.
  • #266: featured my review of Tomes of the Dead: Anno Mortis by Rebecca Levene. This is an edited review which originally appeared on NFI – read it here.
  • #265: featured my review of Major Karnage by Gord Zajac. Read the review here.
  • #264: featured my review of This Is Not A Game by Walter Jon Williams. Read the review here.
  • #259: featured my review of Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. Read the review here.
  • #258: featured my review of The Invisible War by Paul McAuley. Read the review here.
  • #257: featured my review of The Dark Wraith of Shannara, by Terry Brooks, Edwin David and Robert Place Napton.Read the review here.


Book Reviews


Short Fiction & Magazine Reviews


Expired Reviews & Expired Review Spaces

T3A Space was the official blog of TTA Press, which publishes Interzone, Black Static, Crimewave and occasionally books, and supported The Fix Online.

  • Henry Gee (ed.) – Futures From Nature: 100 Speculative Fictions (review has now vanished)

The Fix was a short fiction review website, relaunched from an earlier print form in late 2007. I reviewed for The Fix during ’07 and early ’08 under the editorship of Eugie Foster. I went on hiatus from The Fix due to other commitments and it is now unfortunately no longer active.

  • Lone Star Stories #26
  • Hub Magazine #35 – 38
  • Clarkesworld Magazine #14
  • Shiny #1

SF Crowsnest continues to be a big ol’ science fiction and fantasy website. I wrote reviews for it between August 2005 and July 2006. My reviews have long since been archived but may still be available. I wouldn’t recommend it, though, as they were early reviews, written while I was still honing my skills.

  • Paul Park – A Princess of Roumania
  • Tobias S. Buckell – Crystal Rain
  • John Scalzi – Old Man’s War
  • Dave Gibbons – The Originals
  • Brandon Sanderson – Elantris
  • Peter Watts – Behemoth: Seppuku
  • Peter Watts – Behemoth: B-Max
  • George Zebrowski – Macrolife
  • Tim Pratt – The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl
  • M. John Harrison – Viriconium
  • Frank & Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson – The Road to Dune
  • Alastair Reynolds – Pushing Ice
  • Alan Moore & David Lloyd – V For Vendetta
  • Jon Courtenay Grimwood – Stamping Butterflies
  • Charles De Lint – Someplace to be Flying
  • Mark D. Giller – Hammerjack
  • Ed Lark – Grief
  • Mark von Schlegell – Venusia
  • Andre Norton – Three Hands for Scorpio
  • Alexander C. Irvine – The Narrows
  • Eric Brown – The Extraordinary Voyage of Jules Verne
  • Tanith Lee – Metallic Love
  • Stel Pavlou – Gene
  • Kelly Link – Stranger Things Happen

YetAnotherBookReview was a genre book review website a friend invited me to join her on. I contributed between January 2005 and late 2006, or thereabouts. The site is now dead and I’ve not bothered republishing my reviews as they were very early reviews, written while I was still honing my skills.

  • Garry Charles – Heaven’s Falling: Ascension
  • Steven Deighan – A Dead Calmness
  • Neil Williamson – The Ephemera
  • Frank Ludlow & Roelof Goudriaan (eds.) – Emerald Eye: The Best Irish Imaginative Fiction
  • Sean Wright – The Twisted Root of Jaarfindor
  • Sean Wright – Wicked or What?
  • Mark West – In The Rain With the Dead
  • Tim Nickels – The English Soil Society
  • Heidi Cyr – X & Y, And Other Like Stories
  • Joseth Moore – The Solar Bridge
  • Neal Asher – Cowl
  • Matt Dinniman – Trailer Park Fairy Tales
  • Tim Lees – The Life to Come
  • Arrand Pritchard – Sauria
  • J.M. Lamoreaux – Patient 444 and other short stories
  • Richard Morgan – Woken Furies
  • China Mieville – Perdido Street Station
  • China Mieville – The Scar
  • Neal Asher – The Line of Polity
  • Grant Naylor – Red Dwarf Omnibus
  • Clive Barker – Abarat
  • Max Brooks – The Zombie Survival Guide
  • Niven, Pournelle, Barnes – The Legacy of Heorot (second review on page.)
  • Peter Hamilton – the Night’s Dawn trilogy
  • Neal Asher – Gridlinked
  • Richard Paul Russo – Unto Leviathan

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