Blog Like It’s The End of the World 2009

Oh hey, I missed the zombie apocalypse again. Bummer. Kinda neat to see that what started out as a joke among a few SF&F crit blogs has taken on a life of its own though. Everything is better with zombies. <3

Warren Oakes quits Against Me!

I don’t tend to post band news up here unless a band I really like splits up, but Warren – drummer with Against Me! for a good eight years – has just left the band. Or been fired, depending on whose version of events you read – follow that link for the statements. Sad times […]

Life’s too short for Comment is Free articles

I was going to lay off the blogging until NFI is stable again, but then a friend linked me to the Guardian CiF article ‘Life’s too short for thousand-page novels’. I have some sympathy for this perspective but I’m also familiar enough with CiF’s usual standard of literary and music journalism that I was expecting […]

Back online…

…though I’m not sure for how long. I’m working on sorting out new backups, but cpanel is still down. In terms of longer term blog survival… watch this space. Oh, and if you need to email me, do so at points of data (at) gmail (dot) com (no spaces, yada yada).

Something pithy about reality outpacing satire

Infamous powerhouse of satire The Onion recently put up a video report about a reality TV show in which autoworkers at two Ford plants compete against one another in a variety of challenges. The prize? Keeping their jobs, pensions and healthcare. Autoworkers Compete to Keep Jobs, Livelihoods on New Reality Show It’s almost too dark […]

State of the nation address

Okay, okay. I’ve been terrible for the last few weeks. Without even the round-ups this blog’s been looking like a ghost town. Here’s the thing: I’ve been torn two ways between sleeping really badly (insomnia is no fun) and being really busy with the day job. I know no one reading this gives a […]

Back in black

NFI is back online, as should be obvious from reading this. Apologies for the outage, everyone. Apparently something went wrong with my host’s Linux server(s) last Friday, and it was only late last night that they finished restoring the doohickeys and thingymabobs on the whassat. This has also affected my email servers so I’m going […]

Free compilation: Nostalgia For Now, ’08-’09

Today I’m rad stoked to bring you a delicious musicey treat: a download compilation featuring 21 tracks from 2008 and 2009 that I think are rad awesome. You can download it here (100mb), in a ZIP archive that also contains liner notes; a list of the tracks, artists and the album each song is taken […]

Nip & tuck

I’ve tweaked a few bits around the blog. The top nav links are better now: I got rid of the dross and broke down the bulky reviews page into three separate pages. The Twitter round-up autopost is gone and won’t be coming back, and the linkfest posts will be coming once or twice a […]

Ten Faaasand Of ‘Em

A vague and probably somewhat uninteresting milestone: over the weekend this blog passed the 10,000 hit mark. I don’t have a hit counter, just the excellent WordPress Blog Stats plugin, so I don’t know who that landmark visitor was and nor will they. By the standards of a great many blogs I suppose 10,000 hits […]