Science fiction muzik

Gimmicky but cool. No doubt somewhere out there a Hollywood futurist is working out how to drop something similar into the background of a near-future thriller. (If only more science fiction writers could capture the faddish yet creative nature of popular music and performance aesthetics half as well as incidental detail in big-budget film regularly […]

New Sainte Catherines LP in 2010

Sometimes you do get what you wish for. (Doesn’t say where this was announced – certainly not the band’s MySpace page – but hopefully it’s for real.)

Race Across America fundraiser

A chap I work with is participating (as part of the road crew) in the Race Across America event, working as part of the road crew for a team of RAF cyclists. He needs to raise a grand in funds over the next three or four months, so if you’re able and willing to spare […]


So, postmodernism. Here’s a thumbnail definition, in case you’re interested: you know that musical flourish, duh-duh-durr!, those three doom-y crashing chords? Once upon a time they worked in context to send genuine tingles of dread through a cinema audience. Now to hear them is to think inevitably of the Dramatic Chipmunk half-turning to look at […]

Not Dead Yet

Time to break the radio silence. Yes, the good ship Nostalgia For Infinity has been coasting through the black unmanned for a while, but things should pick up again now that we’ve crested the wave of 2009 and are bearing down on 2010. On a personal level the last three or four months have been […]

If you’re going to write children…

…please, please try and get their voice right. There’s nothing that ruins a story faster than characters who talk (or subvocalise) in an entirely unconvincing way. Based on personal and anecdotal experience it seems sprogs, kids and teens are the demographic writers tend to struggle with the most. This is understandable, to an extent; youth […]

What do you want from an MP3 store?

Big Scary Monsters (one of the UK’s premier one-man independent labels, in case you didn’t know) has recently started selling MP3s; I’ve tried out the store myself by purchasing a Pulled Apart By Horses EP. It’s all good; the manually sent email with the download link took a while to arrive, but we’re promised that […]

Rubbish indie rock haikus

I was going to finish and post my first piece of Friday flash fiction in a while, but that’s no longer going to happen. So, in its place here are some rubbish band-based haikus a few friends and I wrote to amuse ourselves on a slow Friday afternoon. WARNING: they’re rubbish. 1 point for each […]


Excuse the sudden bombardment of link round-ups. I keep forgetting to post them on Sundays (yes, I am a lazy, shiftless, easily distracted, absent-minded insomniac with a fondness for whiskey :D). Enjoy picking through them if you fancy; if not, normal service will be resumed yada yada yada. Like you come here for anything so […]

Question for readers

Hello, regular readers. I’ve been thinking about making some changes here. As anyone who’s been reading for any length of time knows this blog covers a fair variety of stuff, including music and book reviews as well as my own fiction and occasionally any political posts I feel like writing. Not to mention the more […]