Something original and unique or completely horrible

I didn’t know people reviewed blogs, but apparently they do! A reader has reviewed me on Scribnia: Shaun Green manages to put literature, gaming, punk Rock all together to somehow turn this into a blog. It hosts or points at his fiction, book, music, game, film reviews, info about his musical projects, and other general […]

No linkfest this week…

My Postalicious install has broken itself somehow and I don’t have time to figure it out. Curse you, PHP or something!

Friday music streamage

Thank fuck it’s Friday. For your listening pleasure, head to Banner Pilot’s bandcamp page to listen to a stream of their wholly re-mastered 2008 album Resignation Day. It’s totally awesome; previously I felt that it didn’t hold a candle to 2009’s Collapser but with some canny production work it’s every bit as good. Not to […]

More Daily Mail / videogame dumbassery

Check this out. Pretty tragic story, if true: a woman, recently widowed, neglects her young children and lets her pet dogs starve to death because she becomes utterly obsessed with a social network-based boardgame. It says a lot to me about loneliness and isolation and heartbreak and tragedy, and whilst that’s no excuse it’s saddening […]

Time for us to fix some album covers

Okay yes yes I am working on some REAL posts and reviews and things. Work is hard at the moment! Which means I gotta get my relax on, rather than slaving over a hot keyboard for y’all. xx

“Got a basement full of booze & some blues to lose, I’ll ignore the whole world tonight”

Hey, loyal readers and random googlers (I hope you find the BioShock/Gor slashfic you’re looking for). There’ve been a lack of reviews recently for these exciting reasons: 1.) My band is recording a second demo tomorrow. TOMORROW! So I’ve been busy practising our newer songs, installing new tubes in my amp (turns out that balancing […]


I’m pretty busy at the moment dudes, between a promotion at work (and another guy leaving) plus my band recording again in a couple of weeks, so the regularity of posts here might drop off a bit. I’ve still got stuff coming up though including (I hope) reviews of Junior Battles, Everyone Everywhere, Bastards of […]

A brief interlude

FUCK OFF. (Rowson also puts it well.)

“They still have work to do”

This weekend at WisCon I was explaining to people at the Dollhouse panel that there are many levels to privilege and understanding and such. Down on the bottom level you have the folks who are just racist or sexist or whatever and haven’t ever examined anything and don’t want to for various reasons. But then […]

Was he a nutter?

Via Ansible, this: MURIEL GRAY learned the peril of telling anecdotes, after joking in a Fantasycon 2004 interview about some chap’s complaint to HarperCollins that her horror novel _The Ancient_ (January 2000) was suspiciously similar to his fantasy (unpublished). Her comment ‘So obviously he was a nutter’ clearly rankled, but not as much as her […]