Me, me, me!

How do you introduce a post which is, ultimately, an exercise in narcissism? You begin it with a rhetorical question. This is really just a quick note to inform my reader (hello Mum) that I’ve been invited to take on a few new reviewing gigs recently, and I’d like to blow my own trumpet a […]

Band Aid: Jaguar Love

Fans of avant-garde punk rock radicals the Blood Brothers may be pleased to hear that Johnny Whitney and Cody Votolato, along with a chap called Jason Clark (according to Wikipedia, this is Jay Clarke ex Pretty Girls Make Graves), have formed Jaguar Love. They have two songs up on their MySpace page, which are (a)typically […]

Tagged: Google Image Meme

Neil Beynon tagged me for this meme, which is handy as I’m currently feeling under the weather and unable to focus on writing anything of substance. Hooray for memes. So, this one requires me to type my name into Google Image Search and post the most interesting folk who share it with me. This is […]

Hello world!

Secretly, this “Hello world!” post is not standard WordPress placeholder text. Instead, coded within its words and letters and confusing PHP files, it contains the cure for cancer, developed using alien/human hybrid DNA. But as our eyes glaze over when we read “Hello world!”, no one will ever know. And in other news, welcome to […]