No F3 this week

I was planning to hammer something out this evening as I’ve a few ideas banging about, but since I had my latest tattoo touched up at lunchtime my arm is wrapped in partially-immobilising shrinkwrap and tape. This isn’t conducive to writing, so I’m taking another week off. It’s great being your own boss, eh? Here’s […]

Planet Arcade

Earlier in the year, when I reviewed episode 1 of their series of RPGs, I said some very complimentary things about Penny Arcade. I meant them, and I do love the strip. When they’re writing about games, they can be very funny indeed. But, and this is when they step outside that comfort zone, I […]

‘Farewell!’ Sang the stringent environmental protection laws

Long-term readers of this blog (hello mum etc.) may recall a whimsical science fantasy story I posted last December titled ‘Farewell!’ Sang the Swarm. It was a lightweight take on a very serious question that’s been puzzling many people around the world for some time: Colony Collapse Disorder. Whilst my take on CCD wasn’t too […]


I still can’t figure out what’s wrong with my autoposts. I thought I’d fixed it a while back but it stopped working after one post; now it won’t even manage that. Any suggestions, anyone? No doubt others have had similar problems… In shinier news, I am determined to finish some F3 for you all. […]

F3 Fail

Sorry, gentle readers. I’ll not be posting any F3 this week either. It’s been another really busy week as I’ve been gearing up to cover someone else’s job at work, and although I’ve got three stories started I’ve not had time to finish one of them. I’ll endeavour to get at least one of them […]

Masters of Time and 2D Space

Like every other bugger who pays attention to what’s going on in indie gaming I recently tried out Braid, the time-fucking 2D platformer by independent developer Jonathan Blow. It’s currently only available on Xbox Live (at 1200 points, which in real money is about a tenner) but a Windows version is set to follow later […]

Attn Hipster Girls!

THIS IS TRUTH. (From Mitch Clem’s LJ.) Sorry, I’ve been totally neglecting the blog of late… in my defence I’ve been having a holiday. At home. Because I’m skint. Maybe I’ll share some photos! And I’ll also actually do some writing this week. I am full of promises.

Oh, and the taste buds are down…

…that’s right, you’ll be seeing nothing on here for now. Yeah, yeah, groan away. It seems that the UI upgrade has broken the autoposting system, so it may be a few days before you’ll be seeing any recommended linkage. Fortunately, I have a few bits of actual content queued up for the coming […]

A desolate wasteland of sight and sound

My apologies for the lack of real updates, everyone. I’ve recently been enjoying being busy, a little stressed-out, and not sleeping properly, which is never a good combination. Hopefully things will calm down soon and I’ll be more inclined to write and blog.

No Friday Flash today!

Sorry folks, no flash fiction from me today. Long day, long week, etc. I’ve got a free day tomorrow, though, so maybe as a break from my other oddjobs I’ll write and post something. Shame, really, as Paul has challenged me to write something under the title Om Nom Nom Bom. This is a pretty […]