Free compilations a go-go

Quite a few free mp3 compilations have sprung up online recently, so I thought I’d gather together the links to some of them. First up is from No Idea Records – the next in a now-traditional series, it’s THE FEST 7 comp with 34 tracks from some of the bands who played this year. Sniff. […]

A brief comment on that Brand/Ross thing

Seriously, Britain, shut the fuck up already. There are plenty of things to talk about that are more important, interesting or relevant than some stupid joke/cock-up by two rubbish celebrities. I know that as a nation you like to get all weepy or angry or self-righteous en masse every so often, but this is just […]

Game Fatale: it’s about games, for dames

That’s not “games for dames”, a marketing category that has produced such gems as Barbie Horse Adventures and – oh god – Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Magical Mystery Mall. No, this is writing about games for and by dames. There’s some precedent, but it remains true that in the highly commercial videogaming industry there’s a widespread […]

“Man,” I cried, “how ignorant art thou in thy pride of wisdom!”

My automated roundup posts appear to be appearing once again, albeit at 5pm as opposed to the prior time of 9pm. I’m not going to risk tweaking the details, though, since the service could crap out on me at any moment. (WordPress fans: I’ve gone back to using’s beta service rather than the […]

One for fans of HBC’s ‘The Wire’

Fans of the superb US TV show The Wire, set in Maryland’s city of Baltimore, may be amused by this snippet from last week’s SchNEWS: IT DOESN’T ADD UP In Maryland, USA, paranoid police have been getting all hot under the collar about a dark and sinister group called “Algebra.” This group was approached by […]

First trailer for ‘Love’ online

Those of you who read my mildly acerbic piece on MMOs for Den of Geek, ‘Rewind the Grind’, might want to take a look at the first official trailer for Eskil Steenberg’s procedurally-generated / user-created MMOG, Love. It’s currently on display exclusively at PC gaming blog Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Oh, and despite it being the […]

Things and Stuffs

This weekend turned out a bit busier than I had planned, so no review writin’ was achieved. I didn’t even get to play with my new home recording gear (very sadface). I’ll probably stick up some photos of that once I’ve got it all set up. Modern technology is great. All I need now is […]

And it’ll burn, burn, burn, like we did to the back catalogue

Via Paul Raven comes a meme with a veneer of respectability… okay, no, it’s as silly as all the rest of ’em, but why not let’s have some fun, hey? Besides, it’s not like I have real content at the moment. The rules are simple: Choose a singer/band/group Answer using ONLY titles of songs by […]

Superstruct – surviving the future

Superstruct is a community-based massively multiplayer online alternative reality game, which if you contract it into an acronym produces the slightly unwieldy MMOARG. Sounds like something a hardcore gamer might shout at the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome. Unlike most of the MMOGs you may have heard of before now, Superstruct is primarily an inventive […]

Band Aid: Smalltown America Blogcast #3

Okay, this isn’t a band but it’s my blog and I’ll deviate if I want to. My friend Daniel over at DIY label Smalltown America recently put together Public Service Blogcast Episode 3, which features tunes by Let Our Enemies Beware, Laura Wolf (I still want to meet her, Dan!), the Retro Spankees, Tubelord, 4 […]