The City’s gone: on New Weird’s history

Big Echo

“This was quite a surprise to me. It was also something of an “oh, fuck” moment.”

On Difficulty

Paris Review

“… one of the things the tyrant most cunningly engineers is the gross oversimplification of language, because propaganda requires that the minds of the collective respond primitively to slogans of incitement.”

Oh! What A Lovely Year

Rubbish strewn across a street as onlookers and traffic mill around uncertainly.

2014: it was a year in which shit happened.

Why hello there, 2015

Memory Insufficient & RPS cover shots

A new year makes for a clean slate.

That’s the sort of thing I tell myself when I begin to feel bad about still being awake, watching terrible films, in the very smallest hours of the morning.

A short update


It’s one of those posts in which I promise to post more. Let’s see how that turns out, eh?

A short writing update

That Broken Punk Metaphor art

A quick update on some of my writing for other venues.

2012 Books Read

Books read in 2012 and some vague resolutions for 2013.

Nostalgia For Infinity rides again!


Finally, we’re back on the air.


Industrial Maze

I’m working on it.

Riding the crest of the new wave

It’s time for a new wave of atheism, just like there were different waves of feminism. I’d argue that it’s already happened before. The “first wave” of atheism were the traditional philosophers, freethinkers, and academics. Then came the second wave of “New Atheists” like Dawkins and Hitchens, whose trademark was their unabashed public criticism of […]