Interzone #262 is out!

Interzone 262 cover

“This issue includes my review of Haikasoru’s Hanzai Japan, a collection I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s variable, as are many anthologies, but its breadth and variety elevate it.”

Acapella Zoo #5 (Fall/August 2010)

Acapella Zoo is a web and print ‘zine of slipstream/magic realist fiction based in the US – its editor is based in Seattle but its staff hail from across the States – and has been publishing since 2008. This, its fifth issue, features fifteen stories and poetry by twelve contributors; there is no non-fiction component, […]

Interzone magazine #231

Apparently I’ve never written about Interzone here on Nostalgia For Infinity, which honestly surprises me a bit as it’s the magazine I’ve been subscribed to longest (about six years now, since Andy Cox took over as editor). It’s the only SF magazine I read regularly, thanks to a mix of factors: its persistently cool design […]

Hub hits a hundred (or did, last year)

So here’s a post I wrote half of last October (Hub is now up to #108). The fact that I didn’t find the time or inclination to finish a short and simple review of a short weekly SF e-zine for three months pretty much sums up the creative death that was Q4 2009 for me. […]

ShortFic Review: Dark Horizons #49

(This is the second in a series of posts retrieved from NFI’s predecessor, the short-lived Neverscapes. The third and final post will be appearing on Friday.) I’ve found the British Fantasy Society publications I’ve received during my first year of membership to be of a disappointingly low standard. Prism, for example, is less impressive than […]

ShortFic Review: Lone Star Stories #26

My review of Lone Star Stories issue 26 has been posted over at The Fix Online. It was a good issue of a webzine I’d not read before, and I was particularly taken with Jeremy Adam Smith’s novella ‘The Wreck of the Grampus‘.

ShortFic Review: Greatest Uncommon Denominator

GUD magazine is something of a bold venture in the current environment of declining short fiction sales (if not, I’d imagine, readership) – a dual online/print magazine presenting fiction, poetry and art across a swathe of genres, but with obvious literary aspirations alongside its generic focus. At 200 pages GUD is packing in a lot […]

ShortFic Review: Uxo, Bomb Dog (Futurismic)

SFnal news-and-gubbins blogsite Futurismic recently announced that it would be returning to the fiction-publishing game; maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can sure as hell get it to recall the old ones. This being a rather clumsy lead-in to their first new story: Eliot Fintushel‘s Uxo, Bomb Dog. This is […]

ShortFic Review: Hub issues 35-38

Back in August ’07 I reviewed some of Hub magazine‘s earlier electronic issues – about a baker’s dozen on from the switch away from its dead tree origins. You can read my thoughts here if you so wish. Thanks to The Fix, I’m now returning to “Europe’s most popular free electronic fiction magazine” to see […]

ShortFic Review: Clarkesworld #14

My review of Clarkesworld Magazine issue #14 has just gone live over at The Fix. It was a tough one to review as both the stories gave me a lot to grapple with, but hopefully I gave them fair and just treatment. Whether or not you read my review I heartily recommend reading the webzine […]