Never Get Tired: the BTMI Story

Bomb the Music Industry

“An inescapably vital part of the Bomb The Music Industry! story lies in its ethics. These are substantially inspired by Fugazi and Ian Mackaye’s uncompromising efforts to create music and play for audiences in a framework detached from the exploitative commercial practices of the music industry…”

A short writing update

That Broken Punk Metaphor art

A quick update on some of my writing for other venues.

Lucida Console’s Dog Days – Vol. 1

A few weeks ago I was passed word of a recording of a tour diary, written by one member of Cornwall’s bangers (Hamish Adams, drums) and read by another (Roo Pescod, guitar/vox). It’s pretty cool. Back in 2010 bangers toured Europe with Philly’s Dirty Tactics (I caught the Brighton show which I think was only […]

REALITY 86’d: Documentary of Black Flag final tour

REALITY 86’d from KICK TO KILL on Vimeo. There’s not a huge amount to say about this one; it’s an hour-long documentary following Black Flag on their final tour in 1986, including various pieces of live footage (you get ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’, ‘In My Head’, ‘Loose Nut’, ‘Drinking & Driving’ and ‘Louie Louie’), plus the same […]

“I think it’s something that’s hard to recognise if you don’t experience it yourself”

Via the I live sweat… zine (ezine? tumblrzine? tumbline? Help me, my portmanteaus are terrible) is another great piece about the lived realities of sexism in the punk scene. It’s the male band members who don’t take you seriously, and when you get upset with how you’re treated, ask you if you’re menstruating. It’s the […]

The Fuck Hardcore Shows Manifesto

Late last year, whilst meandering through the day’s crop of Tumblr posts, I came across the “Fuck Hardcore Shows Manifesto”. The original post and blog appear to have been taken down, possibly due to the amount of attention, number of comments (many aggressively negative) and reposts it received. Fortunately the nature of Tumblr is such […]

Sainte Catherines – live at The Fest!

I’m trying something a bit different here – a live stream of Montreal punk band the Sainte Catherines playing at The Fest in Gainesville. Hopefully the embed code will work, and thanks to Erica of for alerting me to this. This post goes live at 8pm and the set will begin at 9pm GMT. […]

The End of the World (fest)

Holy folkpunk, Batman! US DIY punk label Plan-It-X Records is closing up shop. Apparently Chris Johnston “doesn’t want to be a dinosaur” running a label based on selling cheap CDs in an age when “CD sales are dropping like crazy”. Read the full story over at PunkNews, or wherever they picked it up from. The […]

Fucked Up versus Fox News

Possibly the weirdest punk-related news of last week was this: Toronto’s Fucked Up lead vocalist Pink Eyes – aka Damian Abraham – has been asked to appear more regularly on Fox New‘s Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. Abraham will be playing the role of a general leftist pundit, after declining to be a “gender expert.” […]

R.I.Pieces – Lux Interior

I just heard the news that Cramps vocalist Lux Interior has finally gone to the great rock ‘n roll debacle in the sky. Apparently it was due to a heart condition. The MTV website has more. Born Erick Lee Purkhiser, Interior started the Cramps in 1972 with guitarist Poison Ivy (born Kristy Wallace, later his […]