Collective punishment in Gaza

“We have been doing surgery around the clock. I just spoke to one of my colleagues … who had not been sleeping for three days and the hospital is completely overcrowded, we’re running six/seven ORs and there are injuries you just don’t want to see in this world. Children coming in with open abdomens and […]

IEA Oil Expert: “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye”

Okay, that’s not quite how he phrased it. But here’s the money shot from George Monbiot’s interview with Faith Birol, chief economist of the International Energy Agency: “In terms of non-Opec [countries outside the big oil producers’ cartel],” [Faith Birol] replied, “we are expecting that in three, four years’ time the production of conventional oil […]

March In The City for justice on bail-outs, pay and jobs

Via The Tomb: [T]here is to be a march in the City of London, starting at Mansion House station from 4pm on Friday 10th October, opposing bail-outs for the bankers and demanding that the government defend pay and jobs instead. As the seriousness of this crisis becomes ever more apparent, so does the ability of […]

Today’s “Holy Crap” moment

Saudi Arabia, at present still the world’s largest exporter of crude oil, has quit OPEC. Their argument seems to be that they want to continue to meet market demand for oil supply, and OPEC are arguing that the current high price of oil is due to market speculation rather than actual scarcity. Early days yet […]