On political violence

ForeignPolicy - Emmett Rensin - political violence

“It is easier to declare a moral prohibition on political violence when your children are not starving.”

On neo-anarchism

Mark Fisher

“There’s a strange implicit rule here: it’s OK to protest against what parliament has done, but it’s not alright to enter into parliament or the mass media to attempt to engineer change from there. […] Purism shades into fatalism; better not to be in any way tainted by the corruption of the mainstream, better to uselessly ‘resist’ than to risk getting your hands dirty.”

On refugees

Novara Media - refugees

“While dependence is sanctioned, action is criminalised.”

On deglobalization

Systemic Alternatives: Deglobalization

“The key question that remains to be answered is how to build plural economies at national and global levels that are not driven by capital.”

The new breed of disaster capitalist

There was a great interview with Greg Palast (the US investigative journalist and author of books like The Best Democracy Money Can Buy) on sensationalist British website Vice last week. In it Palast talked around vulture capitalists: the really short version of this thesis is that these guys buy up unpayable national debt and seize […]

Don’t give them money, they’ll only get ideas

Bon Jovi may have raised my ire, but at the end of the day he’s just one of many rock dinosaurs stomping creakily around, peering confusedly at the scurrying, productive mammals underfoot, and as such deserves only mild scorn and gentle mocking. These tosspots, on the other hand, deserve nothing but contempt. “Extra cash can […]

Social media & revolution

On Egypt: “The social media which is championed by those revolving door apparatchiks moving between the State Department and silicon valley (eg) is not organisation itself, but merely a means to it and, as it turns out, a dispensable means.” So quickly forgotten by well-intentioned, excitable futurists! Even among friends I’ve heard more excitable talk […]

Finally, an image of what Cameron’s “Big Society” will look like

The Orwellian online scheme was dreamt up by Devon company ‘Internet Eyes’. They want people to sign up and monitor multiple real-time CCTV feeds from shops and businesses – and then compete to correctly alert them of any perceived suspicious behaviour occurring. The most eagle-eyed snooper each month can win a £1000 prize. But beware! […]

The ENA’s pathetic showing in Brighton

Today’s appearance in Brighton by the racist English Nationalist Alliance only managed to muster what looked like about 30-odd people. It was hard to tell, concealed as they were behind huge lines of fluorescent jackets. I’d say that Sussex Police easily had three times as many officers as the ENA had attendees and that was […]

Just sayin’ (you’re hypocrites (quelle surprise))

Hmm. April 2010: And sometime in 2009: Hmm. HMM.